Proximo Medical and Coala Life Partner for Commercialization in Select U.S. Markets

CASTLE PINES, COLO. (June 16, 2020)  Today Proximo Medical, LLC, a business acceleration solution that addresses medical device commercialization challenges among startup and established medical device technologies looking to expand adoption in the U.S., announced a partnership with Coala Life, a leading Swedish-headquartered digital health company, in select U.S. markets. 

The COALA® Heart Monitor provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to patient and health care providers to detect and diagnose heart disease. The innovation aims to digitally transform the field of cardiac diagnostics. 

Through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Guidance, the COALA Heart Monitor has expanded indications of use enabling physicians to remotely, in real-time, monitor patients’ hearts and lung sounds for COVID-19 respiratory diagnostic exams, as well as detecting nine of the most common arrythmias.  

“The COALA Heart Monitor advances telehealth capabilities with the aptitude to monitor respiratory and cardiac sounds in the safety of patient’s home, eliminating the need for in-person, office visits,” states Philip Siberg, co-founder and president, Coala Life, Inc. “By partnering Coala’s solutions and innovations with Proximo Medical, we accelerate our ability to help physicians deliver improved outcomes to patients in a variety of environments. The team specializes in putting transformative technologies into mainstream practice.”  

“Physicians need to meet patients where they are,” states Jerome V. Dwyer, MD, MBA and Cardiologist active in St Louis, Missouri. “Cardiology has quickly shifted to telemedicine solutions and the COALA Heart Monitor offers a unique, customized diagnostic and treatment solution with data available to patient and physician in real-time.”

Once connected through Bluetooth to a smartphone, the Monitor takes one minute to capture both ECG and heart sounds in the chest and thumb-ECG recording. Cloud-based algorithms analyze recordings in real-time and results are presented instantly to both patient and prescribing physician. 

“COVID-19 is shifting the way physicians deliver care and patients receive it. Coala innovations combine today’s smart technologies with at-home cardiac care management, and Proximo is excited to bring this technology to select U.S. markets,” states Brett Martin, CEO, Proximo Medical.  “The COALA Heart Monitor will be an important tool in changing care delivery.”

About Proximo Medical 

Proximo Medical, LLC is a business acceleration solution that effectively and efficiently overcomes medical device commercialization challenges by providing start-ups and international medical device companies entering the U.S. market with market analysis, economic insights and a world-class sales team. We help bring innovative solutions to market, providing patients the best care in a cost-effective model.  Proximo Medical also provides insights to venture capital and private equity groups on medical device technology. Visit 

About Coala Life, Inc.

Coala Life is a Sweden-headquartered medical device company focused on remote and real-time cardiac diagnostics. The company has developed a portfolio of CE- and FDA-cleared medical products and services enabling user-centered remote monitoring and analysis of heart and lungs, powered by smart algorithms. The Coala Heart Monitor (Coala®) was introduced in Scandinavia in 2017 and further in the US and selected EU countries in 2019. Over 300 healthcare providers are connected globally to the Coala Care portal. The Coala includes an integrated high-performance stethoscope, and a synchronous high-resolution 2-lead ECG, allowing for real-time remote diagnostics of arrythmias, forms of congenital heart disease and certain respiratory disorders.