Take 5 with a Proximo Pro: Mike Burch

The Take 5 blog series will introduce readers to Proximo Medical’s exceptional sales team through 5 simple questions. Our customized approach to selling innovations sets us apart from the pack – we know it starts with our top tier talent.

Mike Burch

What attracted you to medical device sales?

In my estimation it was the pinnacle of industries to compete. It takes a high level of commitment to learn the clinical expertise to be a valued advisor in a surgical suite and contribute to improved patient outcomes.

What attracted you to Proximo Medical?

Three main factors:

  1. Executive leadership
  2. Opportunity to partner with emerging technologies and add value towards liquidity events
  3. Leading medical device technology promotion and directing startup companies

Proximo Medical’s business model is unique as we partner with early stage organizations and provide expertise and guidance in creating brand awareness and product adoption.

How has the COVID-19 crisis changed your sales strategy?

The sales strategy still includes keen communication and market dynamic awareness using virtual means and heightened situational respect.

What’s your biggest win at Proximo Medical thus far? 

My territory includes Texas and Oklahoma. I’m proud to have recently worked with the Dallas VA Medical Center on the adoption of the CeloNova Cobra PzF stent for high bleed risk patients.

What are you up to when you aren’t selling?

Faith, fitness, competitive tennis and listening to Aerosmith and Wade Bowen band.