Digital Health Defines Medicine Moving Forward

In June, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (JACC) posted the HRS/EHRA/APHRS/LAHRS/ACC/AHA worldwide practice update for telehealth and arrhythmia monitoring during and after a pandemic. 

One thing is clear, digital health is here to stay.

Coala Heart Monitor and smartphone

The COVID-19 public health emergency has forced changes to traditional norms of health care access and delivery across the globe. It has accelerated adoption of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. 

Proximo Medical recently announced a partnership with Coala Life, a leading Swedish-headquartered digital health company, on the commercialization of the COALA Heart Monitor which provides real-time diagnostic-quality ECG analysis and heart sound recordings simultaneously to patient and health care providers to detect and diagnose heart disease.  

The COALA Heart Monitor advances telehealth capabilities with the aptitude to monitor respiratory and cardiac sounds in the safety of patient’s home, eliminating the need for in-person, office visits.

Through the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Guidance, the COALA Heart Monitor has expanded indications of use enabling physicians to remotely, in real-time, monitor patients’ hearts and lung sounds for COVID-19 respiratory diagnostic exams, as well as detecting nine of the most common arrythmias. The device is recognized in the JACC update and recommended for COVID-19 monitoring. 

The need for contactless monitoring across the spectrum of care has triggered novel implementation of digital health monitoring tools. Proximo Medical is proud to be on the forefront of next-generation patient care.