Take 5 with a Proximo Pro: Garon Dent

The Take 5 blog series will introduce readers to Proximo Medical’s exceptional sales team through 5 simple questions. Our customized approach to selling innovations sets us apart from the pack – we know it starts with our top tier talent.

Meet Garon Dent.

What attracted you to medical device sales?

I have always worked within the health care industry but from the medical side as a professional Registered Nurse. I had an opportunity to work healthcare from a professional sales perspective and wanted to try that route out – understanding both sides of the sector adds value to my sales approach.

What attracted you to Proximo Medical?

The people. I worked in the past with Joe Ingoglia, Proximo’s Chief Commercial Officer. Though I did research, like the products that I am selling and their business model, I wanted to work for Joe more than anything due to the trust that I have in him and his management skills. I pursued Joe for quite some time for a position working for him. How has the COVID-19 crisis change your sales strategy? My strategy, much like others in the medical device sales space, has had to change out of necessity. While my territory includes West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Southern Ohio, I have had to rely much more on telephone and electronic communications with physicians and staff instead of office visits. With in-person access being so drastically decreased, follow up phone calls and emails along with virtual meetings have increased in numbers and importance. What is your biggest win at Proximo Medical thus far? Wins come in many forms. At Proximo, I have experienced several wins at different levels:

  • I work for an employer that I trust, leadership is honest with me and has my back.
  • I work with some great reps that I have had the privilege of working with in the past.
  • I have had some personal wins being the first of our reps to close a sale with one of our products, the COALA Heart Monitor, and in short time. I have been able to close one of the largest revenue sales I have ever closed.

All that said, I believe that money comes and goes so the biggest win would be that of being a part of a winning team comprised of trustworthy friends.

What are you up to when you are not selling?
When I am not selling, I am raising my beautiful and brilliant daughter. I play golf and throw darts occasionally.