Proximo Medical Announces New Client Win With EMBA

Extends Proximo Medical’s leadership in marketing and commercialization solutions for medical device innovators

Proximo Medical today announced that it has been selected as the marketing and commercialization partner of choice for EMBA Medical Limited, a medical device company that designs and develops peripheral embolization technologies focused on improving safety, control, and outcomes.

Proximo Medical, a revenue-accelerating, risk-sharing, reduced-cost approach to effective medical device commercialization, validates proof of market for start-up medical device companies and international organizations entering the U.S. market. The company also partners with venture capital and private equity groups who have a portfolio of medical device technologies to make highly informed investment decisions and maximize enterprise value.

EMBA Medical™ Limited’s Hourglass™ Peripheral Embolization Plug, the first integrated, over-the-wire device designed for peripheral embolization procedures, provides a new level of confidence, precision, and control for physicians performing this specialized procedure. The device was awarded a CE certificate in July 2015 and has been submitted to the FDA for review.

“By partnering with Proximo Medical we are able to leverage their team’s extensive experience to navigate sales and marketing complexities, allowing EMBA to minimize risk while reducing time and cost,” states Brett Naglreiter, CEO of EMBA Medical™ Limited. “The team offers proven real-world experience and insight into the intricacies of successful medical device commercialization.”

Proximo Medical lets companies appreciate their enterprise value by offering:

  • Reduced cost, risk and shareholder dilution compared to hiring your own sales force
  • “A player” W2 – Sales Organization
  • Hyper focus on your products versus a distributor
  • Detailed sales process analytics to validate proof of market
  • Infrastructure and learnings for future sales force strategies and integration
  • Faster evaluation of commercial options
  • Access to key opinion leaders and early adopters
  • Reimbursement strategies
  • Value Analysis Committee expertise
  • Talk track and messaging development
  • Management of global distributors

“We are pleased to be working with EMBA and the Hourglass™ technology to move the product from concept to clinical adoption as the standard of care in peripheral embolization procedures,” states Brett Martin, CEO, Proximo Medical. “With the vast majority of medical device starts-ups failing prior to full commercialization, Proximo fills a gap in market by acknowledging what’s next by providing innovators, venture capital and private equity groups insights, marketing intelligence and a salesforce that ensures success. By partnering with Proximo, EMBA is taking the first step in avoiding that troubling cycling.”

About Proximo Medical
Proximo Medical is a business acceleration solution that effectively and efficiently overcomes medical device commercialization challenges. Proximo Medical provides medical device innovators with market analysis, economic insights, access to key thought leaders and a world class sales and marketing team focused on commercial execution that will maximize capital impact.

About EMBA
EMBA Medical Limited is a Dublin, Ireland, domiciled medical device company that designs and develops innovative peripheral embolization technologies focused on improving safety, control, and outcomes. Malin Corporation plc, the Irish-based global life sciences company, is the lead investor in EMBA Medical. Intersect Partners, a medical device incubator with extensive experience in vascular interventions, is the developer of the technology. EMBA Medical Limited is located at Block 2 Harbour Square, Crofton Road, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland. EMBA Medical and Hourglass are trademarks of EMBA Medical, Inc.

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