Selling start ups

We asked our Chief Commercial Officer, Joe Ingoglia, his perspective on helping start-ups commercialize. The products in our bag are often from unknown or new companies. It takes a knowledgeable, proven sales team to demonstrate the benefits to physicians.

Here’s Joe’s take:

“Selling for Proximo Medical is exciting because you always have new technology to bring to physicians and their patients. Many doctors ask ‘what’s new?’ Proximo’s business model enables us to answer that question with a menu of new products and technologies,” states Ingoglia. “When you work with Proximo Medical, you have multiple clients – traditional customers who we are educating and the start-ups that we represent. It’s empowering to work with both groups to ultimately help patients. Our goal is to demonstrate to medical professionals how these innovative technologies allow them to better serve their patients. Helping bring these products to market means both groups win, it’s ultimately the patient that walks away with a better outcome.”

At the end of the day, it’s about understanding the markets we serve. At Proximo Medical, our decades of medical device experience translates to strong knowledge and longstanding relationships with key opinion leaders in the medical device space.

“Most doctors enjoy knowing what’s on the cutting edge,” adds Ingoglia. “It isn’t always easy to get new technology into the hospital with value analysis committees, but it is a process Proximo Medical understands how to navigate.”