Brian Doughty

BRIAN DOUGHTY, Chief Operating Officer

Brian brings over 19 years of experience in healthcare company commercialization to Proximo. His expertise in understanding products, markets, reimbursement and sales processes has enabled him to drive product development and commercialization success in both fortune 500 companies and start-ups.

In 2014, Brian founded Delta Force Group Inc., a consulting firm specializing in all aspects of commercialization and business performance focused on the healthcare industry. Previously, he served as Vice President of Commercial Operations at Cardiovascular Systems Inc.; Marketing Director at EKOS Inc., which was purchased by BTG Interventional Medicine for $180M; National Marketing Manager at Fox Hollow Technologies, which was purchased by Medtronic; as Director of Sales Operations at Medtronic; and as a sales professional at Johnson & Johnson.

The total market value of Fox Hollow Technologies & Cardiovascular Systems Inc., the two start-up entities he previously served – both of which were pre-revenue and ultimately went public – reached over $1.8B in market cap during his tenure.

Brian also holds a B.S. in public administration, an M.P.A. from Oakland University, an M.B.A from Michigan State University and an M.A. from Oakland University in Psychology.